Two Major Draws In The World’s Lotteries

In my last post I showed you how I was finally able to buy a lottery ticket in a lottery, other than Australia’s Oz Lottories. That post was called How To Buy A Lottery Ticket Using PayPal and I had a shot at the USA Mega Millions. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything in that lottery, although I did win a minor prize in’s JackPot Hunter. Not much mind you but considering the ticket didn’t cost me anything I can’t complain. Oh, the reason I got to play JackPot Hunter for free was because it was free gift for joining I should really do a post on JackPot Hunter because it something completely different. Maybe the next post.  :tongue:

OK, Let’s look at the first of the major draws, and just so you know I’ll be buying a ticket in both lotteries using money from my PayPal account.

Europe’s Euromillions Jackpots To 112 Million Euros

The first thing I noticed is that it’s relatively cheap to play the EuroMillions, only $4.49 a game. I decided on using my own numbers for one game and an quickpick for the second one. As far as the first game goes I got each member in the family to choose a number or two until I had enough picks. I reckon I’ll keep those numbers for all the lotteries I play from now on.

The way the Euromillions lottery works is you pick five numbers from 1-50, for the first part of the ticket and then 2  numbers from 1-11 for the second part of the ticket. Hey guess what, the two games only cost me $4.49 because they gave me a ticket for free via a coupon. I took a screen capture of it so you guys can check it out.

How cool is that? :2tup: All I had to do to get the coupon was to like them on FaceBook. So, if you’re a member don’t forget to grab your coupon for a free ticket. If you’re not a member why not join now for free? I wonder if it will work when I buy my USA PowerBall ticket? Let’s find out shall we?

USA PowerBall JackPots To $110 Million

Damn, I bought a couple of tickets to the USA PowerBall only to find out that there was only one coupon allowed. Oh well, maybe I was being just a tad greedy! 😆 For these tickets I used the same personal numbers as in the Euromillions ticket as well as a quickpick. I must say that I am pretty impressed with Lottobroker.coms quickpick feature because if you’re not happy with the numbers you merely click ‘quickpick’ icon again for some new numbers, unlike some of the other sites where you have to clear the numbers before you can pick a new set.

Paying With PayPal Was Breeze

I actually missed out on the previous PowerBall lottery because I didn’t have enough money in my account and I didn’t think the funds would clear in time for me to take part in the lottery, so I didn’t bother depositing any until after the draw. Imagine my surprise when the money cleared almost instantly.  :tup: I don’t know if it will do that every time but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t. Perhaps all they needed was to establish a link between accounts?

Anyway, it didn’t matter that I didn’t buy those tickets because it jackpotted and so I got tickets in this draw instead  :2tup: So, don’t forget to get your tickets in this weeks major lotteries.


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