Two Major Lottery JackPots Up For Grabs

As the world economy slumps even further it’s no surprise that more and more people try their luck at winning the lottery. I’ve also noticed that more people are joining the major Online Lottery sites so they can buy their lottery tickets online. For those wanting to try their luck and winning some big bucks now would be a great time as there are two major jackpots on offer.

Europe EuroMillions Jackpots To € 132,000,000

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You want to be quick if you want to get in on this one because as I am writing this post there is only one day and a little over 6 hours left. Don’t forget about all the advantages you have by buying your ticket online, the biggest one being that you’re able to purchase a ticket in the EuroMillions lottery even though you don’t live in Europe.

Draw Date for EroMillions Jackpot is the 5th of June!

US Powerball Jackpots To $US 177,000,000

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Now, that is what I call some serious bucks. I mean $177 million dollars is nothing to sneeze at now is it? You have a little more time to buy a ticket in this weeks US Powerball, a little over 2 days and thirteen hours to be exact. Naturally you don’t want to leave it to the last minute because you’ll probably forget and then miss out. That would be terrible if you happen to use the same numbers which happened to come up and you forgot to buy a ticket.  :town: If you haven’t joined yet, don’t worry because clicking on the above banner will score you a free ticket.

Draw Date for US PowerBall is the 6th June!

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