US PowerBall Jackpots To $305 Million

Damn, someone finally won the Euromillions and it sure as hell wasn’t me. Never mind though because the US PowerBall remains winless and the jackpot is now worth a cool $305 million!  Have you checked your lottery tickets yet? No? OK, then I’ll show you the results. Too bad you didn’t buy your tickets online because if you did you would have been notified by email as to how you went.  :tongue:

Results Of Euromillions Drawn 10th August 2012

WOW! Only one winner. How lucky was he/she? Myself, I only got one number so I won sweet FA. Now for the US PowerBall results

US PowerBall Results Drawn 11th August 2012

Check it out people, no winner so like I said at the beginning of the post it now jackpots to $305 million. That means that its going to go crazy out there and people are going to be lining up to get themselves a ticket. Some of those are going to lose or misplace their tickets and will never know if they’ve won or not. Not us though huh guys? Because we’ve opted to buy our US PowerBall online! Not only does that mean we can’t lose our ticket we also get notified of the results via email. As you can see from the image below I’ve already got my ticket

Apart from that I’ve also received email confirmation. I used for this purchase because they are the only ones I’ve come across that allows me to use my PayPal account. Other sites I recommend for getting your tickets online include and PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM. I’m a member of all three because I don’t believe in putting my eggs all in one basket and each offer something unique.


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