US PowerBall Jackpots

It’s happening again! The US PowerBall jackpots to US$750 million dollars! How good is that? There is so much that I could do if I could get my hands on that sort of cash. Naturally, that will ever happen unless I buy a lottery ticket.

My US PowerBall Jackpots Ticket

US Powerball Jackpots

I used Lotto Agent for my US PowerBall ticket purchase. You can see my numbers in the image above. Once they purchase my tickets, they will also appear in my dashboard, and I will get an email confirmation. This way I know I never have to worry about losing my ticket.

So, what would I do if I won all that money. Shit! Where would I start? I reckon the first thing I would do is to invest half of the money. I would then pay off my kids homes. Heck, I might even buy them new ones and they could use their current homes as rental properties.

I reckon I would love a Ferrari, but maybe that’s not so good for the environment so I would settle for the most expensive Tesla. The wife could also have her car of choice

I would also have two or three homes around the globe so I could chase the sunshine. Let’s say one here in Adelaide, one in Hawaii and one in the Amalfi coast.

Next I would pick a couple of worthy charities that I could donate to.

I’m not really into jewellery, but when you have millions of dollars handy, I suppose I could make an exception.

I would tell my boss where to go and then invest some money into my YouTube channel. Maybe a little studio in my new homes where I could make killer YouTube videos with the best high-quality film making equipment. Certainly a lot better than the Lavalier I used in my Boya BY-M1 Review video.

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Aussie businessman who has discovered the advantages of buying his lottery tickets online and wants to share the knowledge with his readers
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