USA Powerball Jackpots To $173 Million

Man, oh man, it’s PowerBall Time. As you know I don’t usually play the lottery unless it Jackpots to a nice amount and this weeks USA Powerball is worth $173 million! Now that is a sizeable amount of money up for grabs but even so I probably wouldn’t have bought into this weeks Powerball lottery if it wasn’t for the sweetener that sent me via this email.

Dear Peter,
Pay Less to Win More with the Powerball Power Play!
The Powerball jackpot continues to rise, and theLotter if offering a 25% discount on the Power Play option that multiplies secondary prizes by 2-4 times. Play for less and win more with this special offer for the next three days only!*
$ 173,000,000
*Offer valid until April 25th, 23:00 GMT


What Is Power Play In Powerball?

I’m glad you asked  :C:I didn’t know myself and so I did a bit of a search and found out that by using Power Play players have are able to increase their Powerball prizes. Purchasing the Power Play option allows winning players to boost their Powerball prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the original prize amount. Oh, and before you get too excited, Power Play does not work on the Jackpot, but then that would be greedy wouldn’t it?  :giggle:

Naturally you have to select this feature before purchasing the actual ticket. As you can see from the image below I made sure I took advantage of the Power Play feature.

my powerball purchase

I did this by ensuring I ticked the Power Play box before clicking the Buy button. I know that the chances of actually winning the lottery is pretty slim and that I had more chance of winning the smaller prizes so I thought I may as well increase my winnings just in case I do win one of the lower prizes. So, you see, for a small extra fee you can increase how much you get when you do win one of the smaller prizes. As you can see, I got my ticket, have you got yours?

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