USA Powerball Results

[highlight]I don’t believe it, Official USA Powerball results show no winner! NO WINNER! You know what that means don’t you? It’s going to rollover once again. Up to the last Powerball the jackpot rose to a whopping US$ 600 million. That is pretty bloody¬†phenomenal. One can only wonder what the jackpot will be once they post it.[/highlight]

Edit: Forget that paragraph, I got it completely wrong. That’s what happens when you do a post straight after getting up before having a cup of coffee. There was actually one winner and I must congratulate the instant millionaire, whoever he or she is.

This post is all about the USA Powerball results, Draw 2013/39 which was drawn just recently. I hope you were the winner but even if you didn’t win the big one you may still find yourself somewhat richer from winning one of the smaller divisions. Take particular note of the payout for the powerplay players! Division 2 players won a million bucks each which is still pretty good. Those who invested that little bit more by using the PowerPlay feature actually won two million dollars! Well worth that small extra investment.

USA Powerball Results

USA powerball results

I hope you guys managed to pick up some winnings along the way, even though I didn’t. I’m not worried though because I now have a chance at a really big Powerball Jackpot. Perhaps I’ll get lucky this time around.

More People Buying USA Lottery Tickets Online

One thing I have noticed is that more and more people are buying their lottery tickets online. I’m sure this is mainly due because of all the mayhem out there in the live lottery agents as people fight the crowds to purchase a ticket. I’m also sure that because of todays busy lifestyle a lot of people just haven’t got the time to go out there and join those long cues. Getting your USA lottery tickets online removes all this stress by allowing you to do it from the comfort of your own home. You can read more about the many benefits of buying your lottery tickets online in my introductory post.

That post provides several online lottery agents that I personally use and recommend which allow you to purchase your USA lottery tickets online. In fact, by joining any of those online lottery agents you will have access to all of the world’s major lotteries. That was the reason why I joined them in the first place. By joining you can have access to them too.

Please leave a comment if you have anything to add. How close were you to winning? I only got one lousy number! What would you have done if you won. What will you do when you win? Always happy to hear from you.

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