What Are The Chances Of Winning A Jackpot

Just the other day I was asked what the chances were of winning a major jackpot, and it’s not an unusual question, especially considering that both the Euromillions and the US PaowerBall remain winless. The truth is just because a lottery jackpost and more people will buy a ticket does not mean that your chances decrease. In actual fact you have just as much chance of winning a jackpot as you would a normal lottery because the way those numbers fall has nothing at all to do with how many people are in the draw. The only way you can increase your chances of winning the lottery is buy playing more games using different number combinations. Personally I believe it all has to do with fate and if you’re destined to win you’ll win it whether you’ve bought one ticket or one hundred. Of course, not everyone believes in destiny and so they will endeavour to increase their chances over other players by playing more than one game.

As for the winning numbers in the last draws, both of which I lost, lets have a look shall we.

Winning Numbers & Dividends Of Euromillions

So, there you have it, the results and dividends for the Euromillions drawn on the 7th August 2012.

Now, let’s take a gander at the US PowerBall results.

Winning Numbers And Results Of US PowerBall

Naturally, the simple fact that nobody won any of these two major lotteries means that once again they both jackpot to unbelievable amounts. In actual fact the EuroMillions draw today will distribute the largest prizes since its founding in 2004 , a  whopping  €190,000,000!!! I reckon this will be the last time it will jackpot because someone will actually pick the winning numbers. I know I’m going to have a shot at it, are you?

Then there’s the US PowerBall which is now worth $253 million. That makes these two draws the biggest lotteries in the world and that’s enough of an incentive for me to once again try my luck by buying a ticket in both the Euromillions and the US PowerBall. The question is which of my favourite online lottery agents will I be using?

For the US PowerBall I’m going to use Lottobroker.com, mainly because I want to pay for that ticket using PayPal. Edit: Lottobroker no longer accepts PayPal. As for the Euromillions it’s a tossup between theLotter.com who are offering a 25% discount on their tickets or PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM. I went for PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM because I wanted to increase my lottery points with them. If by some chance it does jackpot again then I’m going to try my luck with theLotter.com.

If you’re a regular lottery player don’t miss out on these jackpots, if you’re not then now would be a great time to try your luck.


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