What Is Responsible Gambling?

If you were to ask someone with a gambling problem if buying lottery tickets was gambling there is every chance they would say no. They would more than likely not admit to having a gambling problem. The truth is though that no matter how you look at it the lottery is part of the gambling industry. Where the majority of lottery players do play responsibly there are probably those who do not.

What Is A Responsible Gambler?

  1. One who gambles as a pastime and not as a means of recovering past losses. They think of gambling as another form of entertainment and have no compulsions to gamble.
  2. Only uses money they can afford. They do not use money that was meant for food, rent or that was earmarked for things like paying off the home loan or a college fund.
  3. A responsible  gambler would never borrow money so they could place a bet. Nor would they pawn items in order to get cash for gambling
  4. They do not gamble for hours on end
  5. They normally have a set amount to gamble and stop when this is reached
  6. They do not hide the fact from family and friends

Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

  1. 321/365 - devastated.If you find following these guidelines difficult then you may have a problem, especially if you find you’re always raising the stakes looking for that elusive buzz.
  2. If you’re finding that the only time you stop is once you’ve run out of cash then you definitely have a problem.
  3. If you find that you spend more time gambling than socialising with family and friends
  4. If you’re feeling guilty about your gambling habit. Let’s face facts, there must be a reason for feeling guilty and isn’t it better to remove the guilt by stopping rather than letting it eat away at you until its too late?
  5. If you’re sneaking off to lay a bet or play the pokies
  6. If you have to convince yourself that you don’t have a problem

Unfortunately people with gambling problems ruin more than their own life, they also ruin the lives of those they love. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of becomming a problem gambler. Learn to recognise the signs before they turn into a problem, and if you feel you may need help just remember it takes more strength to admit you need help than to deny it.

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4 Responses to What Is Responsible Gambling?

  1. Good list Sire. In a past life I was a Deck Supervisor on America’s largest free-floating riverboat casino: The President, out of St Louis MO. I started the job thinking that others looked at gambling as I did, just an occasional diversion. After a couple of years on the job I quit because of how that proved to be so wrong. I couldn’t justify my being a part of it any longer. Boy could I tell you stories. But of course, then they’d have to kill me.

    “sneaking off to lay a bet or play the pokies” Pokies?? Is that like racing turtles?

    • LottoMan says:

      I’m sure you could Allan, reckon that may make for a good post or two on one of your blogs 😉

      As for pokies, that’s what we call slot machines over here

  2. Great stuff Sire, but “pokies”? I see you responded to Allan, but I think both of us were thinking you meant “ponies”, which is what people would be betting on here in the states. Pokies has a different meaning, one I’m betting you’d love. lol

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