Where To Buy A Ticket In The Lotteria De Navidad

Have you ever heard of the Loteria De Navidad? I’m not at all surprised if you answered no because until just recently I hadn’t heard of it either. Simply speaking it is the largest lottery game of the world, with the total prize of 2.5 BILLION Euros. The game is raffled one time a year, before Christmas. Of course if you’re Spanish you would already know that it is the Spanish Christmas Lottery. What you may not know is that it originated in 1812 and is now drawn every year on December 22nd. With a prize of over 200 billion Euros it would have to be the biggest lottery in the world!

Yep, you red that right Two and a Half Billion Euros! Shit, I don’t even know how many zeros that is. That doesn’t mean that you can win that much money, just that there is that much money in the prize pool and it all has to be won. To learn more this special lottery just head on over to this Loteria De Navidad page on Lottobroker.com.

Something that stands out in the Lotteria De Navidad is that they raffle the tickets until the whole prize fund is spent which will in turn Lotteria De Navidad Ticketcreate millions of winners. So many winner that they actually expect more than 27 million winning tickets this year!

One of the major differences in the Lotteria De Navidad compared to the lotteries that we are used to is that rather than selecting your individual numbers you choose a ticket that has a predetermined set of 5 numbers. The image you see on the right is a screen shot of a ticket available for purchase from the LottoBroker.com site. Buying that ticket means you were happy with the numbers If you didn’t like those numbers you would select another ticket. I have to admit the tickets do have a nice look about them, especially that it has a bit of a Christmas feel about them.

Another difference in the Lotteria De Navidad would have to be the cost. One ticket will set you back $39US which is a lot more than what you would pay for a normal lottery ticket. I suppose that isn’t too bad when you consider that there are more prizes to be won which would increase the chances of winning a prize, which leads to another major difference. Because there are so many prizes the actual draw takes about three hours. Man, if you’re watching that on TV I reckon you would need a fair few snacks as well as a few beers. :2tup:

How To Buy A Ticket In The Lotteria De Navidad

Well, if you were wondering what is the Lotteria De Navidad was all about then I hope that this post was able to clarify a few things. If you were wondering who can buy a ticket in the Lotteria De Navidad then the answer would be anyone who had access to the Internet, unless you lived in Spain that is. In other words, it doesn’t matter what country you live in, as long as you can click on this link you can buy a ticket. I know I’ll be taking part. Who knows this could be my lucky lottery. Also, because it’s Lottobroker.com who’s the agent for the Christmas Spanish lottery you can even use the money in your PayPal account to buy your ticket! Edit: This no longer applies as they’ve stopped supporting PayPal.

Play Lotería de Navidad online!

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