Where To Buy A Ticket To The Loteria de Navidad

I wrote about the the Loteria de Navidad some time ago in a post called Where To Buy A Ticket In The Lotteria De Navidad and since that post several other online lottery agents have added this remarkable lottery to their sites. That being the case I thought it best to let you know which ones they are and of any unique offers they may have for their members. Something to keep in mind while deciding which online lottery agent to use is that the Loteria de Navidad will offer €2.52 billion in jackpot prizes! That’s 1 in 100,000 jackpot winning odds, better than any other lottery, and €720 million in first prizes on December 22nd.

[redbox]theLotter.com: As an incentive any member who enters to have a shot at winning 27.5 million prizes will receive $10 cash back in bonus money within 24 hours with each ticket purchase. Receive a reduced ticket prize when you buy four or more shares! This offer is valid until December 12th so you better be quick  :smile:[/redbox]

[bluebox]PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM:These guys are running their In it til you win it campaign! “Lottery players on PlayHugeLottos.com are given the opportunity to win recurring lottery tickets into some of the biggest lottery games in the world. And by ‘recurring’ we mean until you win the jackpot (at which point we figure you will be happy to give someone else a chance to play for free)!”  I copied that from their site. You will find more details by clicking on their News tab.[/bluebox]

[greybox]Lottobroker.com: Not offering anything special that I could see, but these are the first guys that were offering the lottery so it’s still a good idea to check them out. This link will take you straight to the page.[/greybox]

Here’s a video of

Loteria de Navidad, the Spanish Christmas Lottery online

So, where are you going to buy your Spanish lottery ticket from?

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