William Hill’s Lottery With A Difference

Usually when you buy a lottery ticket, no matter the country or lotteries game they’re offering, your winnings are dependant on how many other people have the same numbers you’ve selected. So if you’re the only one to pick the correct numbers you are the sole winner. However, if 1000 others have also picked the very same numbers then you end up sharing the prize with them. Although this doesn’t happen all that often with the first prize it’s pretty common with the smaller divisions. Just look at the table below which show the results for Australia’s last Saturday X Lotto draw number 3295.

Total Prize Pool:$15,014,231.36


Division 1 6 Main numbers Prize Pool: $4,208,255.913 winners, each received $1,402,751.97
Division 2 5 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary Prize Pool: $570,540.7565 winners, each received $8,777.55
Division 3 5 Main numbers Prize Pool: $1,231,177.501050 winners, each received $1,172.55
Division 4 4 Main numbers Prize Pool: $1,862,646.4056788 winners, each received $32.80
Division 5 3 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary Prize Pool: $3,122,124.00147270 winners, each received $21.20
Division 6 1 Main numbers, 2 Supplementary Prize Pool: $4,019,486.80337772 winners, each received $11.90

As you can see because there are so many winners in the lower divisions the actual amount you win is really pretty small.

Not so with William Hill’s lotto 49 where the amount you win depends on your stake. You’ll get an idea of how this works by studying the image below.

william hill lotto 49

You’ll notice that I’ve selected 5 numbers and all I have left to do is to decide how much to stake on this particular bet. If I had only selected one number for that line and I was lucky enough to get that number correct I would win 7 x the stake value. If on the other hand I went for the 5 numbers and got those all correct I would win 150002 x my stake value, irrespective of how many other people bet on the same numbers.

Naturally there are rules when playing and this lottery is no different. These are the William Hill Lotto Rules.

  1. All lottery bets are based on numbers drawn in each lottery’s main draw. Bonus Balls and ‘Power Balls’ are not relevant for any William Hill Lottery bets.
  2. The maximum payout to any one customer or group/syndicate of customers, including bets from the same source, is £250,000 on any one lottery draw.
  3. All dates and times displayed on the initial William Hill lottery page are in UK time. Clicking into a specific lottery, you will be shown the next draw date in your local time zone.
  4. All lottery bets on a specific draw must be placed (and confirmed) before the first number is drawn. If, for any reason, any bets are placed after the time the first number is drawn, those bets will be void and the stakes returned, win or lose.

As to William Hill, William Hill Online is the UK’s leading online betting and gaming business and one of Europe’s largest online gambling  operators. Apart from the 49’s William Hill also allows you to bet on the Irish Lotto and the New York Lottery. Naturally, just as I do on this site, the guys at William Hill wish all their members to gamble responsibly.


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