Winning Numbers And Dividends For Jackpot Draw 3157

Yep, Saturdays Jackpot Lottery, Draw No. 3157 was won. If you had a ticket in that draw you’re probably want to check to see if you had won. As that is probably the case I’ll post the winning numbers for Saturday 22nd October 2011.

Winning Numbers For Saturday Lotto Draw 3157

aus lotto results 3157I obviously didn’t win anything and I’ll be posting my results at the end of the post just so you can see how easy it is to check your lottery results as an Oz Lotteries customer. OK, so we know someone won the lottery and it’s quite possible that even though you didn’t get first prize you managed to get one of the minor prizes and so you would love to know the dividends. 

Dividends Draw 3157

Total Prize Pool:$53,200,809.52

Division 1 6 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $22,000,000.12
14 winners, each received $1,571,428.58
Division 2 5 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $1,646,307.00
195 winners, each received $8,442.60
Division 3 5 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $3,552,618.30
3729 winners, each received $952.70
Division 4 4 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $5,375,088.00
186635 winners, each received $28.80
Division 5 3 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $9,019,310.70
458998 winners, each received $19.65
Division 6 1 Main numbers, 2 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $11,607,485.40
921229 winners, each received $12.60

As you can see there were 14 winners who won division 1 netting a cool $1,571,428.58 each. That’s why it’s better to have a go at one of the many lottery jackpots because you get a decent slice when you have to share it  🙂

I sure hope that you were one of the lucky ones and that if you were you didn’t lose your tickets. The fear of losing a winning ticket or just missing out on buying my lottery tickets is one of the reasons that I buy my tickets online. Another reason is because I can go online to check my ticket which will have all the winning numbers highlighted. The following image shows you my losing lottery ticket  :tdwn:

losing lottery ticket

The numbers in red are my winning numbers and the orange numbers are the supplementary numbers. As you can see that was a particularly lousy ticket, the closest I got to the six winning numbers was two. How bad is that? Oh well, there is always next time. Maybe what I need is a little help picking my numbers.  :tongue:

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