Winning Numbers For Draw #: 2012/25 Of The US Mega Millions Lottery

I Won The Mega Millions Lottery  :BC OK, OK, I didn’t win the jackpot but I did actually win a prize, as you can see from the image below. If you’re wondering what the winning numbers were for the The U.S.A. – Mega Millions you’ll find it in that image which not only shows the winning numbers as it also shows my ticket and which numbers won me the prize. By the way, those winnings have already been deposited into my account..

Winning Numbers For Mega Millions Draw #: 2012/25

So, I won a whole $3!!!  :C: But you know, that’s cool because no-one else won it either which means that it jackpots once again. In case you’re wondering what the prize breakdown is you can see it in the image below.

So, I actually won 8th prize with one ball correct and the power ball.

US Mega Millions Jack Pots To New World Record Of $476 Million

Just so you know I put that three bucks to good use because it went towards the next Mega Millions lotter draw and you will to when you know that it has now jack potted to a new World Record of US$ 476 million! You read that right, that’s US$ 476,000,000! That’s a whole lot of zeros and I’m not about to pass up my chance of getting my fair share of it. As I’m writing this post there is still a couple of days left to buy a ticket so don’t let this chance to win your fair share pass you buy. Hop over to and buy your ticket now.

If you can’t get on because their servers can’t handle the load then you can always try PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM! That’s why I always say it’s better to join more than one lotto site just in case one goes down for some reason.

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