Winning Oz Lottos $100 Million Jackpot

Hey guys, how did you go with last nights Oz Lotto draws? I know you didn’t win it because the jackpot is now $100 million dollars. Hopefully you managed to snag one of the dividends though. I got my email from Oz Lotteries which told me that I didn’t win anything and after checking it online I found that the closest I got was 2 numbers. Shit, I couldn’t even get six numbers out of the 14 games I played, the closest I got was 5 numbers and the two sups. :like:  Too bad you can’t use the whole ticket because looking at the dividends below I would have won two division 4’s which would have netted me a little over $700. Not much but better than nothing right?

Oz Lotto Dividends Draw No 976

oz lotto dividends Draw No. 976

Still, it’s good to know that no-one else has won it because that means we’ve still got another shot at winning the big bucks. For that sort of money you want to use whatever means possible to increase your luck. That could include playing your lucky numbers, finding that four leaf clover or digging out that lucky horse shoe. You can always give this one a rub.  :BC

lucky four leaf clover to win lottery

Did you know that they have dubbed this lottery draw the “jackpot that stops a nation”? That’s because it falls on Melbourne Cup day which is usually known as the “race that stops the nation” because no matter where you are on that day people usually stop, if there is a TV or radio handy, to watch or listen to the race.  :party:

Here are some interesting lottery facts that I read in the Courier Mail.

According to Ms Lewis the seven numbers that have been drawn multiple times in big draws are 6, 11, 23, 29, 34, 40 and 42. They have each been drawn twice across the four biggest Oz Lotto draws, which offered division one prizes ranging from $40 million to the record $90 million draw in 2009.

Lotto facts

60 per cent of all lotto entries are either Quick or Auto picks.

The most frequently drawn Oz Lotto number is 27 (drawn 83 times since 2005).

The most infrequent Oz Lotto number is 30 (drawn 52 times since 2005).

I though you might like those interesting facts as it might give you some ideas as to which numbers to choose for this weeks draw.

Of course, if you’re an Aussie you will want to use Oz Lotteries to get your lottery ticket online because they offer the best deal. I don’t know why but for some reasons anyone living in Queensland can’t use Oz Lotteries to buy their tickets online. I know in the last post I mentioned that was offering a discount, perhaps that’s still on. Then again if you want to buy your lottery ticket using PayPal there’s always or Wintrillions. Edit: Unfortunately they no longer accept PayPal. It doesn’t matter which one you use as long as you remember that when it comes to winning the lottery you have to be in it to win it. :2tup:

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